We often hear people complaining about how they want to lose weight, or they have converted to the Paleo diet to help them lose weight. This is actually a rather invalid argument as to why you should go Paleo, because ultimately you shouldn’t care about “weight” loss, but rather,  fat loss. When we hear people saying “I want to lose weight,” what they actually mean is “I want to lose fat tissue.” The number on the scale (“weight”) would be irrelevant to the large majority of people, if they had their ideal body type- and most people probably wouldn’t even bother thinking about their weight-loss goals if that didn´t mean losing fat along with it.

Its very easy to just hop on the bathroom scales and just measure weight and assume that if you have lost weight, it’s because you have lost fat.

Well, here’s some news for you; that’s not necessarily true.

lose fat on the paleo diet

“Weight” Loss vs. Fat Loss

Temporary “weight” loss can due to a reduction in water weight, constipation, food in your stomach, or a million other factors. But there’s a more harmful type of “weight” loss: the unwanted loss of lean tissue.

If the numbers on your scales are diminishing, it’s most likely demonstrating a true decrease in your body mass. But it’s not necessarily fat that you’re losing. It might be muscle. But muscle is the the “weight” you want to keep hold of, especially if you want to achieve a lean, toned body! Here’s why:

  • Muscle looks good – that’s how you get that lean, toned body type. So if you’re going Pale for the aesthetic factor, you want to keep your muscle.
  • More importantly, muscle is good for your health. If you’re trying for “weight loss” to improve your health, losing muscle is counterproductive.

lose fat on the paleo diet

How To Lose Fat On The Paleo Diet

The most important macronutrient to lose fat on the paleo diet, instead of muscle is protein. Eating a lot of meat protein is much better than eating a small amount of vegetarian protein. It’s still unclear whether the benefit is from the sheer amount of protein or from the animal foods (which are nutritious in their own right!) but regardless, all signs point to a Paleo diet consisting of high-quality animal protein at every meal. No exceptions.

Carbs Are Less Important Than Protein

The quantity or quality of dietary carbs doesn’t appear to matter that much, provided you’re getting enough protein. Obviously, the amount and quality of dietary carbs might make a marked difference in how much overall weight you lose. So in that sense, they’re important. But if you find a carb level that works for you for weight loss, there’s no need to tweak it in search of the perfect ratio for fat loss.

lose fat on the paleo diet


Possibly the only thing more important than protein, is exercise. It helps you keep more lean muscle mass and lose more weight from fat instead of muscle and exercise is remarkable at reducing visceral fat, the dangerous kind that actually causes serious health problems.

  • Weight-loss diet + exercise = lose more fat and less muscle.
  • Weight-gain diet + exercise = gain more muscle and less fat.

If you are wondering how to lose fat on the Paleo diet, then follow these three rules and you will soon start to see the results you have been lusting after!