Since the Paleo diet rose to fame several years ago, many people were convinced that it was just the latest celebrity fad diet. Only now are those same people starting to understand that there is much more to Paleo foods and the Paleo diet than being an effective lifestyle for weight loss. Here are 5 Paleo foods that are proven to slow down the signs of ageing.

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Wild Salmon is incredibly rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which will help to supercharge the hydration levels in your body as well as working to significantly reduce any inflammation. One of the main reasons that the skin tends to wrinkle and appear more aged, is due to a lack of moisture. Protein high Paleo foods and those foods high in saturated fats have been proven to slow down the signs of ageing.

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Aside from the fact that every child is told that carrots are good for you as they help you to see in the dark, there are several health benefits of eating them. Carrots are popular Paleo foods and they are packed full of vitamin A, which contributes to producing more beta carotene that can increase cell turnover in your skin.

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Avocados are “go-to” Paleo foods for almost everyone. Aside from being incredibly delicious and filling, they are also highly nutritious! They are rich vitamin E content and avocados have been proven to prevent the onset of dry skin, protect the body against UV rays and considerably diminish the harmful effects of free radicals.

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Possibly the most popular Paleo foods for breakfast are berries- Blueberries in particular! They are full of antioxidants, which in turn assist in neutralizing and absorbing pesky free radicals that are known to speed up the ageing process.

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The essential Paleo snack to carry around with you are nuts. Almost every type of nut can be beneficial when following a Paleo lifestyle, but Walnuts in particular massively contribute towards stopping rapid ageing signs in their tracks! Like Salmon, nuts are a fantastic source of omega 3, which keeps your skin moist for a longer period of time. Eating a  handful of Walnuts each day will give your skin a hydration boost and many people comment on the noticeable improvement of their quality of sleep.

In fact, several women in particular have commented on the marked improvement they have noticed in their skin since converting to eating only Paleo foods and ditching starchy foods like Pasta, Rice and Bread. There are many substitute Paleo foods you can eat instead of those mentioned above, but these 5 are the most popular amongst our clients.