When alcohol is consumed in moderation, it can help you wind down, relax and have a good time when out in a social environment. It has also been proven to lower risk of cardiovascular disease and improve insulin sensitivity. Alcohol may be linked to being able to decrease the risk of infection that causes ulcers, although this hasn’t been proven and still remains only as a theory. So alcohol isn’t all that bad when enjoy lightly. It is important to understand what is meant when alcohol is recommended to be enjoyed only moderately. “Moderation” doesn’t mean that you only get blasted “occasionally”. It means drinking small amounts of alcohol once in a while.

It can be argued that alcoholic beverages aren’t part of the original human diet but, on the other hand, they can be viewed as an essential part of our contemporary diet and social culture. So, when it comes to alcoholic beverages; the choice is yours… Your paleo commitment is up to you, and in my world its alcohol in moderation. My philosophy is that it’s ok to occasionally indulge: just remember all alcohol has sugar, so moderation is key to feeling fine the next day.


Beer – Beer is really anti-Paleo. It’s made of gluten filled grains, and unlike whiskey (also made of grains) the gluten is not fermented away. (There’s at least a sandwich worth of bread in any pint of high quality beer) You may want to try one of the gluten free beers out there if you love the taste but don’t want to deal with the beer belly bloat!

Spirits – Spirits are far better (whiskey, scotch, bourbon, etc) as most of the grains are fermented away during the making and because the serving size is smaller there is less sugar. If a shot is not your cup of tea, then try a liquor mixed with soda water and a squeeze of lemon! The carbonation will help the alcohol reach your brain faster (Water and fruit juices mixed with alcohol slow the absorption process, while carbonated beverages will speed it up).
Skip the Mixers! This should be pretty obvious, but just about anything that normally gets mixed with alcohol is not Paleo at all and is not healthy. From juice to soda to diet soda to sweet and sour mix, they all have some form of sugar or artificial sweetener, as well as a bunch of other additives. Use Club Soda/Soda Water, which has no sugar. Beware of tonic water, which has added sugar.